Banff National Park / Part II

Now that you guys read all about our first day trip to Lake Louise (wait you didn't read it...? here's the link, don't worry!) I'm gonna write about our other two day trips to the Vermillion Lakes/Banff Town and Moraine Lake. If you're looking for an easy walk with no elevation that's just outside of Banff Town going to see the Vermillion Lakes is the perfect plan! The Vermillion Lakes are three sister lakes that sit under huge rolling mountains where most travel guides tell you to watch for wildlife like elks, or moose feeding, although we didn't see anything. :( We had much better weather this time around so we strolled for a little bit on the paved road and went to the first lake where there was a pretty dock. We hung out there for a little bit before taking the car over to the next lake. One trail off of the road had us walking through this area over grown with plants and wild flowers and trees which took us right to the edge of the lake. Further along the trail links up with the long Banff Legacy Trail that connects Canmore and goes through Banff, so that's an option for a longer trail if you're looking for one. Like I said earlier the Vermillion Lakes trail is more of a walk then a trail, so our day ended there quicker than we thought. It was very pretty and off the beaten path from tourists, so if you're close to Banff Town it's a nice easy walk where you can enjoy the day with good company and maybe see some wildlife if you're lucky! Afterwards we went into Banff Town to explore where we got some good food and beer, and ice cream from Cow's! Yum!

Our last adventure in Banff was our trip to Moraine Lake. Dave and I really wanted to canoe so we planned our canoe trip for our last day in Banff and wanted to do it at sunset, perfect and romantic plan right? Unfortunately after the long drive from Calgary by the time we go to Moraine Lake, the canoe rental place was closed for the night. We were bummed but didn't let that ruin our last evening. Moraine Lake is another glacially-fed lake which makes it look very similar to Lake Louise's emerald-teal color. It was so beautiful and we were there at the perfect time of day! The light reflected so beautifully on the water and created a mirror effect. Most of the trails around the Moraine Lake area had restricted group access, which means you can't go on the trail with less than 4 people in your group because of grizzly bear activity!! Since there was only two of us we decided to just walk the shoreside of the lake together. The shoreside trail is really easy, mostly flat and is made up of a dirt path and some wood plank bridges. I would suggest wearing sneakers because it was really muddy. 

When we came in we had noticed people climbing up this huge rock pile and were standing at the very top and just kept talking about how crazy those people were. But on our way back to the car we had a noticed a little bridge and decided to see if there was a way to get up onto the top of the rock pile without having to scale the side of it, and sure enough we found some man made stairs carved into the rock face. Once we got to the top the sun was setting and it was the magic hour and we were overlooking all of Moraine Lake on one side, and the opposite side was covered in tall trees and mountain ranges for as far as the eyes could see. Even though this was our last day in Banff we left feeling like our trip was a successful one and knew we enjoyed every bit of it. Yeah we didn't get to canoe, and we didn't see any big elk, moose, or even bears but this trip was a life changing one for Dave and I and I don't think we'll ever be able to forget it. It was really something special. I want to thank Dave for coming up with the idea to go to this magical place and for dealing with my crankiness, my worrying, and at points, my tears while we planned this trip. It all worked out in the end, just like you said it would.